Planning for Your Success & the Success of Your Employees

Our retirement planning solutions serve businesses with the same holistic and impartial approach that guides all aspects of Ruggie Wealth Management. Tom Ruggie has demonstrated his expertise in creating retirement planning processes that meet the increasingly complex needs of employers and retirement plan participants alike. Our technology and resources help reduce cost and fiduciary risk, while our team of advisors serve as an extension of your human resources department.

“The Secret to Getting Ahead Is Getting Started.” Mark Twain

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The Road to A Smooth Retirement

Ruggie Wealth Management has the strategic alliances and resources you need to make the road to retirement for you and your team members as smooth as possible. We can conduct a comprehensive review of your non-financial risks, such as umbrella coverage, long-term care coverage, life coverage and medical coverage. We can help you plan for your retirement with a succession plan that can be adjusted as your plans change.

Business Planning

When Ruggie Wealth Management develops investment strategies for businesses, foundations and endowments, we look past short-term turbulence and market fluctuations to identify investments with attractive risk/reward characteristics.

We offer comprehensive investment services to address your business’s financial and portfolio management needs. Some of our business clients hire us to provide end-to-end solutions. Alternatively, some of our clients may prefer to hand-pick services on an a la carte basis.

Either way, we are here to help oversee the complex process of managing wealth by providing the processes, team and proactive advice necessary to do so.

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